Stop and Think, pt. 4

  1. Which method of contraception has the highest efficacy?

A.) Combined hormonal birth control pill

B.) Hormonal transdermal patch

C.) Vaginal ring

D.) DMPA Injection

Answer and Rationale: D. IUDs have the highest efficacy, but injectable DMPA is the most effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy among the listed methods.

  1. Which contraceptive option below would be appropriate for a woman who is 15 days postpartum?

A.) LNG/EE oral contraceptive

B.) Norelgestromin/EE patch

C.) Etonogestrel/EE vaginal ring

D.) Etonogestrel Implant

Answer and Rationale: D. CHCs are contraindicated less than 30 days postpartum due to the increased risk of VTE. Only the progestin-only implant is appropriate from the answer choices above.

  1. Which contraception is acceptable to use during active breast cancer?


B.) Progestin-only mini pill

C.) Copper IUD


Answer and Rationale: C. Active breast cancer is a class IV indication for all therapies except for a copper IUD.

  1. Which medication can lower hormone levels leading to breakthrough pregnancy?

A.) Rifampin

B.) Phenytoin

C.) Efaviranez

D.) All of the above

Answer and Rationale: D. All of the above therapies can alter hormone levels, possibly resulting in treatment failure.

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